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Is it just me or does this time of the year make you want to just shirk your responsibilities and eat each meal of the day in a different restaurant. Okay so maybe I’m a bit eccentric when it comes to good food, I mean who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it. The reason I’m telling you this is because todays shoot was shot at one of my favorite hangouts in Joburg, because I wanted to some up my foodie mood for this summer. Now I am


If you live in Johannesburg you would know how unbearably hot it has been this past few days, and it seems as though the weather will continue for the next weeks to come, fortunately or unfortunately for me I will be departing to an almost frozen New York City this coming weekend. Im so excited for this trip and as the days get closer to our departure my heart kinda does a giddy up. New York is one of my bucket list destinations and I cannot help but be thankful

Twenty Four

I know that birthday posts are usually pretty cliché and I tend to do one every year, but it seems to be the best way for me to let out my emotions and all the reminiscent elements of the day. A birthday to me is a very significant day, I mean it’s a day of celebration not only because of the presents and all the parties but also because you have been blessed with another year, you have grown up, experienced life and know better than last year. To me,

I loved putting this look together for you guys as well as shooting it.  Everything about this look reminded me of my younger years when the 70’s tread was a large part of kids fashion. Bell bottoms, bell sleeves and 70’s silhouettes dominated fashion in my youth. [by youth I mean when I was 7.] There are endless pictures in our photo albums where I’m clothed in brightly printed paisley bell sleeve and gypsy tops , paired with matching bell bottom jeans. Recreating an adult version of the trend was a

Poncho on Main

Hope you all are having a fantastic week, I’m in the process of re-organizing my life, so I haven’t been on social media much. However I am posting on SNAPCHAT so if you would like to see what my days are consisting of,  please follow @thegildedhanger Other than that I hope this outfit post makes getting dressed in this awful weather easier for you. Poncho – ZARA Jersey – Kelso at Edgars Skirt – Kiddie Section at Edgars Shoes – Call It Spring Head Chain – Lovisa

Winter Translation

The cold weather seems to be coming at us with full force, I have begun to look for comfortable practical clothes that will take me through the season. Sneakers have always been my go to when my feet get chilly, so when putting this look together I thought why not add sneakers for a more warm weather look. Winter is all about the layers and this look can quite simply be translated into a layered winter appropriate look, add a coat and maybe skip folding your jeans, and you will be


Morning y’all 🙂 I’ve had such a ultra busy week, so today is my only free day to actually relax and blog. Hope you all having a great Saturday morning. My look today Blazers are amazing all year round, so I wanted to show you how you how you can wear them for fall. It’s been getting quite chilly lately and of course we all want to wear our summer clothes for as long as possible. So here is a easy way for you to keep out the chill and


A new year seems to be dawning upon us yet again, creating a excitement for what lies beyond January 1st 2015. for me and most of you, the new year brings new challenges, new beginnings and new doors waiting to be opened. The prospect of something new has always enticed my imagination yet made my stomach sink at the thought of it really being part of my life, I guess the fear of the unknown is something we all battle with. I know that it is okay to be scared,


And its finally December, can you actually believe that 2014 is almost at its end. 2014 has been kind of a whirlwind blur for me and for once I don’t really know what to expect in the new year. I know that with a new year comes new challenges and maybe my blur year was what I needed in order to gain some clarity in the new year . I have become a stronger person this year, my priorities are different to what they were a year and a half

Frozen Comfort

If you’re not a winter person, like me, you would know all to well the effects of the cold on you and your body. During the colder months my social life consists of mainly hibernation in front of the tele or snuggling up with a large cup of Honey Rooibos and a good read so that I don’t have to face the outdoors. Bad news though, we have no choice but to face the cold and what better way to do it than to embrace it. I know it’s not

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