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So even though for most of us January is our most broke month of the year ,it doesnโ€™t have to be the least stylish month of the year. For me restyling clothes in my closet is the equivalent to buying a new item of clothing. You still feel good about your new look but you donโ€™t feel as bad about spending money after a lavish festive season. With this look in particular I kind of splurged on this of the shoulder shirt, but my splurge was not without reason. Before


Change is almost always for the better, I know that some of us are scared of change, and I guess it makes us all nervous, but as I always say, change is a direct effect of growth, and with all positive growth must come change. I think the most prominent thing that’s changed ,with regards to my blog, is my layout, I’ve kinda been playing around with it a lot lately , but I’ve finally settled on a layout that will be easy on my readers, user friendly, practical, and

Winter Translation

The cold weather seems to be coming at us with full force, I have begun to look for comfortable practical clothes that will take me through the season.ย Sneakers have always been my go to when my feet get chilly, so when putting this look together I thought why not add sneakers for a more warm weather look. Winter is all about the layers and this look can quite simply be translated into a layered winter appropriate look, add a coat and maybe skip folding your jeans, and you will be


A new year seems to be dawning upon us yet again, creating a excitement for what lies beyond January 1st 2015. for me and most of you, the new year brings new challenges, new beginnings and new doors waiting to be opened. The prospect of something new has always enticed my imagination yet made my stomach sink at the thought of it really being part of my life, I guess the fear of the unknown is something we all battle with. I know that it is okay to be scared,

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