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I often say to myself, when will I do it if I don’t do it now, and that seems to be my general attitude on todays post. I know have not posted in months and seems like I’ve dropped of the bloggershere, But I haven’t, I’ve just been trying to perfect The Gilded Hanger. Between attending events, campus and household responsibilities, blogging kind of took a back seat. One of my many lessons from the previous months is to start prioritizing and organising, I cannot say Im a pro yet , but

Fashion  is a direct reflection of how one feels internally. Like anything in life, what is felt on the inside tends to always ooze to our surface. I PERSONALLY wear my heart on my sleeve , literally, and when I’m having a bad day everyone seems to know about it, mostly cause I’m extremely vocal. But my point is when it comes to fashion its okay to wear things that make you feel good, even if you’re having a crappy day, wear something that is a wardrobe classic. Wardrobe classics

An Inner City Force

With this being the last post in “The City Girl Diaries” series for a while, my team and I wanted to showcase one of our favourite spots in Johannesburg city that would be perfect for you to visit in the upcoming festive season… Braamfontien. This series has shown only a few of our cities treasures, there are many many others which I personally have not tried yet. For now though the previous post and this one show the places I have explored and loved. I guess to find out about

The Sweat Shirt

Happy Winter Guys Haha yes the season that most  of us dread seems to be setting in. No matter how warm the winter sun is, the crisp cold Joburg air is rubbing us all up the wrong way. Here’s the good news though, I have some cool fashion advice to keep you comfy but also stylish cool.  This look is all about the sweat shirt. I know, everyone thinks that sweat shirts should be reserved for home and gym use only, but really,  this season the sweat shirt has made

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