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An Inner City Force

With this being the last post in “The City Girl Diaries” series for a while, my team and I wanted to showcase one of our favourite spots in Johannesburg city that would be perfect for you to visit in the upcoming festive season… Braamfontien. This series has shown only a few of our cities treasures, there are many many others which I personally have not tried yet. For now though the previous post and this one show the places I have explored and loved. I guess to find out about

Twenty Three

You don’t need to know me well to know that I love birthdays. Everything about a birthday just makes me smile, so naturally when its time for my birthday I’m extra happy and goofy. Waking up this morning was oh so surreal , aging is something you cannot escape and truthfully I think its beautiful to see your transformation over the years , I’m 23 today and I cannot believe how much has changed,  high school and teenage hood has been left so far behind me yet I feel as though it

Vintage in the City

Johannesburg city is just one of those cities that you either love or hate. Being a city girl all my life I have all the love in the world for this place. The city offers endless opportunity, adventure and pure concrete beauty. The location of this post is tucked away just on the outskirts of the city. Like many of the new real estate efforts in the city, 44 on Stanley is a true South African inspired vintage spot, oozing with good food and amazing antiques. I loved shooting here

River Island is officially here Stemming from their British roots, River Island opened doors for the first time in SA this past Friday at the newly renovated Rosebank Mall. It’s refreshing international style is a great compliment to the new mall and as River Island is a market leader in the UK and worldwide the flagship store couldn’t have been launched in a better location. The UK is always about 5 steps ahead of the trend train so, having River Island out in our backyard is great for those of


  What is it about boots that seem to be so daunting to us. Maybe its the fact that you never know which style will work best, so you end up buying a 100 pairs that sit in you closet while you only use one out of them all for the entire winter. Boots are like any other pair of shoes there are different types, some which can be worn only in the winter seasons and others which can be worn all year round. So let me break it down

About a week ago Mischka and I attended the MRP Vip Shoppers evening in Sandton city. We were invited to share in some awesome food,bubbly and good tunes while using our complimentary vouchers to shop this seasons range. I’m not a winter person and cold really just makes me miserable, so I’m not particularly keen on wearing 100 layers just to leave the house. But nevertheless Mr Price has made it a little easier for those of us who fear the winter months by bringing stylish joggers, long sleeved crops,


Seeing that I am a new comer to the fashion world as well as fashion week , I didn’t really know what to expect. To many, fashion week is the norm, but to me it was a totally new experience. The surprising part about the experience though was that I fit right in with all the eccentric, over the top fashion loving enthusiasts. Fashion events are always glamorous, but there is just something about a fashion show that defines my love for the industry. Mishie was definitely the perfect date

Always a Lady

The insignia on my shirt was the inspiration for this post but also it got me thinking….What does it really mean to be a lady? Some say that carrying yourself as a lady determines how people view you but I have realised that being a lady has to do with the respect you have for yourself. I read today that what people think of you is non of your business… lol its so true, most of us spend all of our time searching for the approval of others. Truth is

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