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Ten things that I learnt this week. Not everyone finds me likable and my personality may not be everyones cup of rooibos, but I am truly okay with that. People are shallow, Red lips and my blue hair are the perfect combo. “My succes is not predicated by my zip code ” Gary Vaynerchuk The smalls are what count. I cannot live without cake, my new diet forces me to cut it out just for a few weeks, but I feel myself dying inside #letthemeatcake Short hair is so much

Homemade Beauty Remedies

I haven’t really blogged in a minute, and its purely because I’ve been doing some relaxing time. Campus closed about a month ago and all I’ve been doing is catching up on my series and spending time with family and friends.Another thing that’s been keeping me busy is research, beauty research to be exact. I love trying new things and sharing my experiences with anyone that will listen. So I thought why not blog my findings, I’m almost certain you guys will benefit from it.ย Many of us are sceptical about

Twenty Four

I know that birthday posts are usually pretty clichรฉ and I tend to do one every year, but it seems to be the best way for me to let out my emotions and all the reminiscent elements of the day. A birthday to me is a very significant day, I mean it’s a day of celebration not only because of the presents and all the parties but also because you have been blessed with another year, you have grown up, experienced life and know better than last year. To me,

Fashion ย is a direct reflection of how one feels internally. Like anything in life, what is felt on the inside tends to always ooze to our surface. I PERSONALLY wear my heart on my sleeve , literally, and when I’m having a bad day everyone seems to know about it, mostly cause I’m extremely vocal. But my point is when it comes to fashion its okay to wear things that make you feel good, even if you’re having a crappy day, wear something that is a wardrobe classic. Wardrobe classics


And its finally December, can you actually believe that 2014 is almost at its end. 2014 has been kind of a whirlwind blur for me and for once I don’t really know what to expect in the new year. I know that with a new year comes new challenges and maybe my blur year was what I needed in order to gain some clarity in the new year . I have become a stronger person this year, my priorities are different to what they were a year and a half

River Island is officially here Stemming from their British roots, River Island opened doors for the first time in SA this past Friday at the newly renovated Rosebank Mall. It’s refreshing international style is a great compliment to the new mall and as River Island is a market leader in the UK and worldwide the flagship store couldn’t have been launched in a better location. The UK is always about 5 steps ahead of the trend train so, having River Island out in our backyard is great for those of

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