The Sweat Shirt

Happy Winter Guys Haha yes the season that most ย of us dread seems to be setting in. No matter how warm the winter sun is, the crisp cold Joburg air is rubbing us all up the wrong way. Here’s the good news though, I have some cool fashion advice to keep you comfy but also stylish cool. ย This look is all about the sweat shirt. I know, everyone thinks that sweat shirts should be reserved for home and gym use only, but really, ย this season the sweat shirt has made

About a week ago Mischka and I attended the MRP Vip Shoppers evening in Sandton city. We were invited to share in some awesome food,bubbly and good tunes while using our complimentary vouchers to shop this seasons range. I’m not a winter person and cold really just makes me miserable, so I’m not particularly keen on wearing 100 layers just to leave the house. But nevertheless Mr Price has made it a little easier for those of us who fear the winter months by bringing stylish joggers, long sleeved crops,


Seeing that I am a new comer to the fashion world as well as fashion week , I didn’t really know what to expect. To many, fashion week is the norm, but to me it was a totally new experience. The surprising part about the experience though was that I fit right in with all the eccentric, over the top fashion loving enthusiasts. Fashion events are always glamorous, but there is just something about a fashion show that defines my love for the industry. Mishie was definitely the perfect date

90’s Revival

As of late, I have been completely taken by storm by the era trends that seem to be popping up all around us. I have always known that fashion repeats itself and that we all find inspiration in things of the past, but while shopping recently I began to feel very reminiscent of days when fashion didn’t really bother, days when all ย I wanted was to be like my older cousins. Being born in the 90’s made me the youngest of my cousins, which meant I was the only one

Always a Lady

The insignia on my shirt was the inspiration for this post but also it got me thinking….What does it really mean to be a lady? Some say that carrying yourself as a lady determines how people view you but I have realised that being a lady has to do with the respect you have for yourself. I read today that what people think of you is non of your business… lol its so true, most of us spend all of our time searching for the approval of others. Truth is

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