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Is your friend a wolf in sheep’s clothing? As women we tend to make friends pretty easily, in the line at the shopping mall, in the dressing room, in your favourite store or even in the bathroom at the club. But, what is the difference that makes certain girls friends and some frenemies? You might think its easy enough to distinguish between the two, but in reality, as women, we know all to well about getting our fingers burnt by the infamous frenemy. The frenemy parades around in your life

Twenty Three

You don’t need to know me well to know that I love birthdays. Everything about a birthday just makes me smile, so naturally when its time for my birthday I’m extra happy and goofy. Waking up this morning was oh so surreal , aging is something you cannot escape and truthfully I think its beautiful to see your transformation over the years , I’m 23 today and I cannot believe how much has changed,  high school and teenage hood has been left so far behind me yet I feel as though it

So here it is, the new and improved Gilded Hanger . I know that it has taken a while but to all my patient readers who have stuck by me , I thank you. Through your support and encouragement I found the confidence to take the leap to growing my blog and taking it to new places . With this relaunch comes a my fresh take on the fashion world ,as well as a look at the things that captivate my mind.  These  are the things I aim to share

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