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I loved putting this look together for you guys as well as shooting it.  Everything about this look reminded me of my younger years when the 70’s tread was a large part of kids fashion. Bell bottoms, bell sleeves and 70’s silhouettes dominated fashion in my youth. [by youth I mean when I was 7.] There are endless pictures in our photo albums where I’m clothed in brightly printed paisley bell sleeve and gypsy tops , paired with matching bell bottom jeans. Recreating an adult version of the trend was a

Poncho on Main

Hope you all are having a fantastic week, I’m in the process of re-organizing my life, so I haven’t been on social media much. However I am posting on SNAPCHAT so if you would like to see what my days are consisting of,  please follow @thegildedhanger Other than that I hope this outfit post makes getting dressed in this awful weather easier for you. Poncho – ZARA Jersey – Kelso at Edgars Skirt – Kiddie Section at Edgars Shoes – Call It Spring Head Chain – Lovisa


Change is almost always for the better, I know that some of us are scared of change, and I guess it makes us all nervous, but as I always say, change is a direct effect of growth, and with all positive growth must come change. I think the most prominent thing that’s changed ,with regards to my blog, is my layout, I’ve kinda been playing around with it a lot lately , but I’ve finally settled on a layout that will be easy on my readers, user friendly, practical, and

Winter Translation

The cold weather seems to be coming at us with full force, I have begun to look for comfortable practical clothes that will take me through the season. Sneakers have always been my go to when my feet get chilly, so when putting this look together I thought why not add sneakers for a more warm weather look. Winter is all about the layers and this look can quite simply be translated into a layered winter appropriate look, add a coat and maybe skip folding your jeans, and you will be

The Last Hurrah…

If you live in Jozi its almost certain that you have already started stocking up on winter garments to last you through the upcoming season. As Jozi folk we know that winter doesn’t play around, and even though the flora  in an about our area hasn’t turn’t  a icy shade of grey yet, we all know the chill is near…On the upside, winter isn’t here yet and I think with the Easter weekend starting tomorrow, we have one last chance to wear those summer season items that we have been


A few weeks ago I received a wonderful package from the gorgeous ladies at Shoelery. They are a new brand specializing in Shoeclips or Jewelry for for shoes. Shoelery has a whole range of amazing clips and embellishments to make any shoe spectacular, all the clips are easy to use and stay on without effort.They’re a great way to add a pop of colour , plus each shoe clip is unique, meaning that you will always feel like you wearing new shoes. About my look Because I wanted the shoe clips


Morning y’all 🙂 I’ve had such a ultra busy week, so today is my only free day to actually relax and blog. Hope you all having a great Saturday morning. My look today Blazers are amazing all year round, so I wanted to show you how you how you can wear them for fall. It’s been getting quite chilly lately and of course we all want to wear our summer clothes for as long as possible. So here is a easy way for you to keep out the chill and


    Hi everybody Hope you guys are having a bright as fuchsia Monday I know I have been slacking on the blogging lately but I’m glad to say that my days are a lot more balanced thanks to all my lovely readers for the amazing responses to my organisation dilemma. My favorite response came from the lovely Yashna Chetty  whose mail was filled with all of the best advice, I am trying my utmost best to implement her great tips daily. A prezzie should be on its way to


Trying to balance my life lately has become one of the most challenging parts of my day, I love every second of my new adventure at Lisof, but I also love spending time at home, with my wonderful family and amazing boyfriend. Finding balance between that and trying to stay focused on blogging and all the new ventures I have running behind the scenes (which I will share with you all soon) is becoming exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I love constantly having something to do,But I think I’m just

Good News

Well hello readers Hope that you are all having a wonderful year thus far and I apologize for the delay in posts, this year has just started with quite a rush and I still seem to be finding my bearings. This year feels like a year of great beginnings…Starting with my latest adventure, studying the science of fashion at the amazing school of fashion LISOF. Being a first year seems to be surreal to me, although I realise now how much of my heart really lies within this industry. There

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