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Iย often say to myself, when will I do it if I don’t do it now, and that seems to be my general attitude on todays post. I know have not posted in months and seems like I’ve dropped of the bloggershere,ย But I haven’t, I’ve just been trying to perfect The Gilded Hanger. Between attending events, campus and household responsibilities, blogging kind of took a back seat. One of my many lessons from the previous months is to start prioritizing and organising, I cannot say Im a pro yet , but

River Island is officially here Stemming from their British roots, River Island opened doors for the first time in SA this past Friday at the newly renovated Rosebank Mall. It’s refreshing international style is a great compliment to the new mall and as River Island is a market leader in the UK and worldwide the flagship store couldn’t have been launched in a better location. The UK is always about 5 steps ahead of the trend train so, having River Island out in our backyard is great for those of

About a week ago Mischka and I attended the MRP Vip Shoppers evening in Sandton city. We were invited to share in some awesome food,bubbly and good tunes while using our complimentary vouchers to shop this seasons range. I’m not a winter person and cold really just makes me miserable, so I’m not particularly keen on wearing 100 layers just to leave the house. But nevertheless Mr Price has made it a little easier for those of us who fear the winter months by bringing stylish joggers, long sleeved crops,


Seeing that I am a new comer to the fashion world as well as fashion week , I didn’t really know what to expect. To many, fashion week is the norm, but to me it was a totally new experience. The surprising part about the experience though was that I fit right in with all the eccentric, over the top fashion loving enthusiasts. Fashion events are always glamorous, but there is just something about a fashion show that defines my love for the industry. Mishie was definitely the perfect date

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