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* This post is not in anyway meant to badger or lay blame onto anyone, it is just a true reflection of my feelings and a response to the many confused DMs and messages on social media. For as long as I can remember, my life has been an example of a perfect relationship, family, life and career. I would constantly be complimented on how great it was that I was able to stay in a committed relationship for so long and that I seem to have everything under control.

Ten things that I learnt this week. Not everyone finds me likable and my personality may not be everyones cup of rooibos, but I am truly okay with that. People are shallow, Red lips and my blue hair are the perfect combo. “My succes is not predicated by my zip code ” Gary Vaynerchuk The smalls are what count. I cannot live without cake, my new diet forces me to cut it out just for a few weeks, but I feel myself dying inside #letthemeatcake Short hair is so much

I have been struggling with a problem lately, which is mostly the reason for my absence in the blogging realm. For a while now I seem to have complete disregard for the importance that this blog plays in my life. The Gilded hanger has taken a back seat to my real life events and also my life’s priorities. With me not being able to manage my life and all its challenges has seen The Gilded Hanger into a downward spiral. A career in fashion and and as a blogger is

Is your friend a wolf in sheep’s clothing? As women we tend to make friends pretty easily, in the line at the shopping mall, in the dressing room, in your favourite store or even in the bathroom at the club. But, what is the difference that makes certain girls friends and some frenemies? You might think its easy enough to distinguish between the two, but in reality, as women, we know all to well about getting our fingers burnt by the infamous frenemy. The frenemy parades around in your life

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