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My Dove Hair Story

When I was approached by dove to share my hair story, I was quite skeptical. I never actually thought of myself as a hair influencer, the perfect candidate for this type of campaign could have been someone with healthy thick non bleached hair but yet they asked me. I slowly realized that the perfect hair influencer doesn’t exist and we all have our own insecurities about our hair and the way we wear it. My hair has always been a way for me to express myself, I’ve never worn my

Review : MAC MatchMaster Foundation Foundation is the most integral part of your makeup routine, and often finding the perfect shade or the right formula can be tricky, our skin is constantly changing and the wearability of our favourite foundations is sometimes not as long as we anticipated at purchase. That’s why I love doing reviews like this, it gives you an opportunity to know a product before going in blind to a store. Todays review is going to be all about the MAC MatchMaster SPF 15 Foundation. So lets jump

Homemade Beauty Remedies

I haven’t really blogged in a minute, and its purely because I’ve been doing some relaxing time. Campus closed about a month ago and all I’ve been doing is catching up on my series and spending time with family and friends.Another thing that’s been keeping me busy is research, beauty research to be exact. I love trying new things and sharing my experiences with anyone that will listen. So I thought why not blog my findings, I’m almost certain you guys will benefit from it. Many of us are sceptical about

Hi Beautifuls Firstly I would like to send out a big thank to RubyBox SA for choosing me ,as one of the lucky ladies to receive a trail version of the Clarins Bright Plus Skin Care range. I was truly so excited to receive this package, I love Clarins Products and I have honestly been scourgeing the market for a good skin care product with all my requirements, My main concern when looking for a skin product is its ability to brighten my face as well its ability to even

I’ve been waiting in anticipation to put this post up, being so busy with other aspects of my life, seem to have resulted in me letting my blogger life slip. Blogging is a love of mine and I hate that sometimes I don’t make the extra time for it, but anyway…

Before I go on a royal rant about my busy life let me just get on the main reason for this post.

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