My Dove Hair Story

When I was approached by dove to share my hair story, I was quite skeptical. I never actually thought of myself as a hair influencer, the perfect candidate for this type of campaign could have been someone with healthy thick non bleached hair but yet they asked me.

I slowly realized that the perfect hair influencer doesn’t exist and we all have our own insecurities about our hair and the way we wear it.

My hair has always been a way for me to express myself, I’ve never worn my hair one way for to long, I get bored easily and that always results in me doing something drastic to my hair. ย I have been through badly bleached hair, thin hair, damaged hair and so much more. ย The point is that after all of that I finally learnt how to look after my hair as well as how I like to wear it.

For most of us our hair is what makes or breaks our look. Whether your style is to wear it in a pulled together chignon everyday, or to go crazy with color and have unicorn hair, YOU should wear it your way. Ive been told countless times how I should be taking care of my hair. The truth is you know your hair, its yours, listen to it care for it, protect it, but do it your way.

Wear your hair your way! Its the only way to hair happiness !


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