As a child growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, I was into low rise jeans and bell bottoms that I thought were super cool and flattering to my body shape. Obviously as a know it all tween, I was completely opposed to my mom’s wardrobe, which consisted of 501 Levis jeans “or Mom Jeans” And cute block heels with lots of printed shirts.

15 somewhat years later, I find myself looking like a modern version of my mom, with a wardrobe that is of high resemblance to hers.

As a fashion student Ive now learnt to never discount a trend, trends work on something called a pendulum swing, which basically means; What is in now will always come back, maybe not exactly the same, but definitely as an influence in something trendy.

The MOM jean to me is just that, the effect of the pendulum swing. Lately I find that I wear this specific pair of mom jeans ever so often in so many variations. This one in particular is by far a definite must for any comfort seekers wardrobe, its breezy but still fitted well, it gives you space to move but still looks really good with almost anything.

Many if you that know me, may know that I really, really love denim, I probably wear denim 60% of my life, and I cannot turn down a good denim buy, so obviously I had to put together a little list for you on how to find a great denim jean.

5 tips for good denim purchase.  

Funky wash denim isn’t going to last as a wardrobe staple, so look for classic blues and blacks, they will wash well and also last a longer time than that pair of glitter acid washed ones.

Number one rule when jean shopping, Try it on! Jeans are your best friend, so you want them to hug you in the right places, make sure they are snug around the waist, creaseless at the crotch and don’t ride up your butt.

Texture is really important, you want your jean to feel good all the time, no matter how many times you wash it, so look for one thats soft to the touch, but has a good grain to it. And I really do mean that you need to feel your jeans, the last thing you want is for it to start fraying or pilling after you have worn them only once.

Lighter jeans tend to have less denim/cotton in them and more access fibers, the heavier the denim the more likely it is to have good quality fibers in it. You’re looking for more cotton and less spandex.

No jean is built to fit you perfectly, it might be to long or short, the leg might be to wide or the rise might not be flattering. The best way to find the best silhouette is to know what your body type is, e.g. If you’re short, alter the length, so that you don’t get a bunch of access jean that’s just going to make you look shorter

Outfit details 

Top – H&M 
Mom Jeans – Tally Weijl 
Boots – Lamoda 
Choker – Lovisa 
Sunglasses – Rayban from Sunglass Hut 

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Until Next time 
Hearts Always <3 

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