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When we look at different pants silhouettes sometimes they can be quite intimidating, I for one never wore palazzo pants. I didn’t think they could look good on me without making me look short. But, me being me, I was adamant that I was going to find a pair that looked good.

I stumbled upon this pair a few months ago in Legit, I wanted to try out the silhouette, but I knew that  was only going to make this purchase if it looked good on my body type. To my surprise the fit was perfect,  plus it added the illusion of hips to my silhouette(which is always a bonus for me) .Often there are times that I cannot purchase items because I don’t have the correct body type, so finding this was quite satisfactory.
By definition a Silhouette is the shape the outline of our body makes, with that said we are all to aware that different clothes may give the illusion of different silhouettes.

Now because Palazzo pants give you a wide silhouette, no matter you body type,  I would suggest that you balance the look out with a tight fitted top and depending on the length of the pants, either a heal or a flat. For this look I went with this velvet body suit and some retro hoops. I also kept the colors pretty neutral to draw the emphasis to the pants.


Body Suit – Legit
Pants – Legit
Shoes – MRP
Bag – The Fix
Hoops – China Mall
Watch – Daniel Wellington

Hope you enjoyed this post 
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Hearts Always <3 

Photography by Hemisha Bhana – You can find her here on Instagram or email her on –

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