GETTING REAL || Why I haven’t been blogging?

I have been struggling with a problem lately, which is mostly the reason for my absence in the blogging realm. For a while now I seem to have complete disregard for the importance that this blog plays in my life. The Gilded hanger has taken a back seat to my real life events and also my life’s priorities. With me not being able to manage my life and all its challenges has seen The Gilded Hanger into a downward spiral. A career in fashion and and as a blogger is something I want more than anything but I struggle with doubt so much that I seem to put things off until I don’t want to even do it anymore.

All this struggle has made me question the path that I’ve chosen and made me doubt every facet of  myself .

I  started asking myself questions like:

Why do people want to read my blog?
What’s the point of blogging if its so much of effort?
Why do people even care?
Am I even good enough?

To some of you reading this it might seem a bit dramatic of me to feel this way, but sometimes when you’re stuck in something for so long it becomes difficult to get out.

I wish there was an easy fix for this, but unfortunatly nothing in life is easy, with daily internal pep talks and many many hours of procrastination I finally have to bite the bullet and work, it seems that its not the work I’m struggling with, but more the fear that I won’t achieve my goals because I’m not good enough.

I figured the only way to remove my fear was to pour it into the one thing I’ve neglected, My Blog. For some of us its so easy to get out of our feelings but for some like me, even though I may seem fine, there are great large knots of stress and emotion rolling around in my tummy. I realized there was no better better way to tell you where I’ve been than with the truth? AND  a look post right ?

But this blog post is my first step back into my normal self, so I wanted to be completely honest with you, because truthfully my blog is for you. With lots of metal strength I’m pushing to be my better self, it might take a while, but I’m willing to put in the work with the help of this blog.


Dress – Boutique in Jakarta Indonesia
Gladiator Sandals – Kelso from Edgars
Bag –
Denim Vest – MRP Kids
Sunnies – RayBan Clubmasters

Until Next Time
Hearts Always <3

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