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Review : MAC MatchMaster Foundation

Foundation is the most integral part of your makeup routine, and often finding the perfect shade or the right formula can be tricky, our skin is constantly changing and the wearability of our favourite foundations is sometimes not as long as we anticipated at purchase. That’s why I love doing reviews like this, it gives you an opportunity to know a product before going in blind to a store. Todays review is going to be all about the MAC MatchMaster SPF 15 Foundation. So lets jump in!

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-10-39-14-amscreen-shot-2016-10-21-at-10-38-57-amWhat does MAC say?  

Uses Shade Intelligence Technology to bring customized shades in a flawless demi-matte finish with medium, buildable coverage and broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 protection. Gives perfect colour purity without looking ashy or chalky, reduces shine on the skin’s surface and helps to absorb excess oil. Conditions and soothes skin while minimizing the appearance of pores and imperfections.

This has been one of my orginal favourites for a while now and I have probably been wearing this foundation regularly for about a year. I sometimes find it very hard to match my exact skin tone which is why the MatchMaster works so well for me.

Finish – it applies smooth and dries demi matte which is great for a full day wear, it also controls the oil during the rest of the day so that my T zone isn’t oily by 12pm. Another option for those of you that love dewy makeup is the following – this foundation is quite versatile and with a little sprits of FIX + (click here to read my review on Makeup Mists) before blending, it will be easy to add extra moisture to this foundation creating a youthful dewy look. Mac also stays true to the promise of blurred pores and imperfections, I have had numerous compliments on the finish  and the way it looks on my skin.

Texture/Formula – with an almost velvet feel on the skin, it’s hard not to love this foundation, it isn’t very thick, but still gives you the coverage that you need

It is a quick drying foundation, I don’t suggest that you leave it open after its pumped out the bottle

Coverage – the medium to full buildable coverage is perfection I tell you, one full pump will hide your blemishes and discoloration whereas two full pumps will give your full face beat that extra hint of glamour.


Packaging – Its packaging is true to the MAC brand and carries all the essential MAC packaging features. It also has a pump which makes it a winner for me. The pump makes it easy to gauge how much product you are adding to your face

Best suited for –I would say this foundation is suitable for normal and slightly combination skin, as it is a demi matte finish, an oily skin might feel oily earlier in the day than normal skin would. My skin is oily combination, but I don’t really see a need to powder this particular foundation during the day except in the case of humidity.

Longevity – It lasts for a good 8 hours before I start to really see it fade around my nose and chin, this is on a relatively non humid day, however, if your climate is humid, I would suggest powdering after the 4 hour mark.

Beauty Tools – I find using a buffing brush much easier with this foundation, it just adds to the finish of the foundation and creates that blurred effect promised by MAC. A beauty blender can be used as well, a damped one will make the application process easier and quicker also helping with the foundations quick dry formula.

Shade – I wear the shade 6.0 , There are 12 shades in this collection so finding your perfect shade might be tricky. I gravitated to this specific MAC range as I had a problem finding the right shade in their other ranges. If you have had the same problem than maybe the MatchMaster is for you.

Where to find it – you can purchase MAC products at any MAC  store nationwide.











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