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Hi Beautiful’s

I’m honestly hoping that you guys have had a better week than I’ve had, but if you’re just as glad that this week is finally over than… I FEEL YOU GIRL!! Despite the general crappy mood of this week, I’m pretty excited about Bronwyn’s  “AKA Queen of Jozi’s” penthouse birthday celebration at the Radisson #turnup. Which has probably been the only light at the end of this week long black tunnel.

I will be covering the glamourous happenings of tonight’s events on my social media so don’t forget to give me a follow:

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About this look

Fashion can simply be described as having a pendulum effect, Basically meaning that Fashion of the past influences and defines the trends of today, thus explaining the Bomber Revival

Many of us 90s us kids grew up with the bomber being a part of our wardrobes as well as part of the culture of the time, back then it was influenced by the actual practical origin of the bomber jacket.

*Just a fun fact about the origin of this trend.
“The flight jacket, bomber jacket, or bombardier jacket refers to a garment jacket type originally created for military pilots. They eventually became part of popular culture and apparel.”

This particular bomber is definitely a statement variation of the trend, which is why I wanted to keep it as true to the original era as possible. I added my timberland utility boots and a plain black ensemble, to help it make the statement I was looking for. This bomber is not only trendy, but its also practical, which serves to be a good thing on cold nights in Johannesburg.S03_0202
S03_0241 S03_0248 S03_0222 S03_0279S03_0325

Jacket – Topshop
Turtleneck – David Jones at Woolworths
Leggings – Tally Weijl SA
Boots – Timberland USA
Nails – Nail Studio Salon Johannesburg South
Hair and makeup – Done by myself

Photography by the ridiculously talented Hemisha Bhana – Find her here on Facebook 

I hope you liked this look, I will be back next Friday with another post.

Until Next Time
Hearts Always <3 

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