STYLE | Time with Daniel Wellington + A Gift for my Readers

DSC_0412 As I have gotten older many things have changed, from attitudes and behaviors to friends and the way I live life, I’m really thankful for these changes as they have influenced my growth and my personal development

Something that I am quite thankful for is my style growth , as there are many embarrassing cringe worthy photos deep in my archives that would probably be excellent material for my non supporters.

My style in general has become quite simple.” I actually had this conversation with my mother not to long ago.” Lol ,  I seem to always go for basic pieces that I can build on, like black turtle necks and neutral sweaters. My statement pieces are always my jackets shoes and accessories, which I love to play around with.

One accessory in particular are my watches, I’ve always been a watch girl and I love love looove obsessing over new designs and shapes. My favourite of the moment has to be this beautiful piece gifted to me by Daniel Wellington.


This exquisite piece is made from the finest leather and sports a practically mesmerizing rose gold frame with a diamante adorned face.

The simplicity of this watch speaks to my inner London Lady and has become an everyday staple to my wardrobe.

If you are looking for a beautiful watch that is practical and classy for everyday wear, Daniel Wellington is your guy.


SO in order to celebrate the gorgeous brand that is Daniel Wellington they have gifted me with a discount for all my readers, all you have to do is use this code hangerDW when you checkout your watch on

Also once you have received your beautiful watch remember to add it on social media with the hashtags #hangerDW and #danielwellington

I hope this simple post has inspired your style and helped you find the perfect Daniel Wellington watch.


Until Next Time

Hearts Always


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