OUT ON THE TOWN| Ted Baker Six Star Style Preview


Iย often say to myself, when will I do it if I don’t do it now, and that seems to be my general attitude on todays post.

I know have not posted in months and seems like I’ve dropped of the bloggershere,ย But I haven’t, I’ve just been trying to perfect The Gilded Hanger. Between attending events, campus and household responsibilities, blogging kind of took a back seat. One of my many lessons from the previous months is to start prioritizing and organising, I cannot say Im a pro yet , but I can say this post is a very sweet reward for my attempts.

Heres a quick recap on a whats happened these past months:

  • My hair is Grey… (eep)
  • Lisof has become the end all and be all to my life, 2nd year plays no games. (goes to sleep for 10 years)
  • The Gilded Hanger is now working with Hemisha Bhana Photography (whoop whoop)
  • The site has been revamped (finally)
  • We are currently testing new logos.

Hemisha and The Gilded Hanger shot for the first time about bout 2 weeks ago when we attended the incredible Ted Baker 6 star style launch at the Westcliff in Houghton.

Honestly the venue sold me the minute we drove in, the WestCliff has a reputation for being the epitome of class and sophistication which was by far the best venue choice for the the event.

The Collection itself is dripping in french resort lifestyle. From beautiful pastels and flowly silhouettes to more structured influences in their home ware and menswear, the collection exudes all elements of 6 star style.

From a price point, I know that Ted Baker for most of us will be a solely the inspiration to our closets and homes, but if you do feel that rearing drive to own something Ted Baker, for home or closet, take the plunge and splurge on a piece from this collection.

You can find Ted Baker at a Stutterfords store near you and possibly really soon at their stand alone stores which they announced will be in South Africa very soon.

S03_0007S03_0089 S03_0078S03_0073 S03_0064 S03_0025 S03_0017S03_0018S03_0022

S03_0012 S03_0011 S03_0010

My full outfit details will follow in the next post.

Hearts Always
Tasarnia <3


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