Clarins Bright Plus Range Review

Hi Beautifuls

Firstly I would like to send out a big thank to RubyBox SA for choosing me ,as one of the lucky ladies to receive a trail version of the Clarins Bright Plus Skin Care range.

I was truly so excited to receive this package, I love Clarins Products and I have honestly been scourgeing the market for a good skin care product with all my requirements, My main concern when looking for a skin product is its ability to brighten my face as well its ability to even out my skin tone. So when I was sent this package I used it as an opportunity to test this range for my own skin.

Your skin is your most precious commodity, and looking after it should be your number 1 aim to prolong its health. Many of us take for granted that we have good skin when we are young and don’t take the time to look after our young healthy skin. In the long term that can be so detrimental, staying out of the sun and using correct protection agents on our skin is essential for the prolonged healthy life of our skin. We can take a lesson from our parents and elders when they nag us to keep out the sun and wear sun screen.

Clarins has now developed a range that helps brighten and nourish your skin while also helping to protect it from harsh environmental elements. I can personally say that I have seen the results on my own skin over the past 2 weeks. obviously it isn’t a large instant change, but is a step in the right direction.

The Clarins Bright Plus Range comprises of 3 products.

*Brightening hydrating day lotion

*Brightening repairing night cream

*Intensive brightening smoothing serum

Each of the lotions have a SPF value of 20. This means that you will still need to add a sunscreen with a higher SPF under you moisturizer and serum.

I know that it all sounds like a lot of work just for healthy skin, but I believe that one day when we are older we will be grateful to our younger selves.

This specific Clarins range is for all skin types and even on my oily skin, i do not feel that it is greasy on my face or that it creates  a residue. My skin soaks it up and the moistiurizor keeps my face smoothand supple for up to 5 hours in turn helping to fade my dark sun pigmentation as well as helping my skin stay young.

If you’re looking for a full package skin care product, I highly reccomend this range. The range retails for about R700+ each, and when you weigh up its benefits,it well worth the money

Let me know what you think of this review and if you have purchased or want to purchase this range, please let me know by tagging me on

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Hope you enjoyed this post

Hearts Always ❤️

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