Trying to balance my life lately has become one of the most challenging parts of my day, I love every second of my new adventure at Lisof, but I also love spending time at home, with my wonderful family and amazing boyfriend. Finding balance between that and trying to stay focused on blogging and all the new ventures I have running behind the scenes (which I will share with you all soon) is becoming exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love constantly having something to do,But I think I’m just struggling with organisation and balance, so this is where you come in, I’m turning to you as my amazing readers to give me some tips, let me know how you juggle everything, I could probably gain a whole lot from you guys.  The reader with the best tips will get a little prezzie to say thank you.

You can contact me :
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Instagram – @thegildedhanger
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My Outfit –
I got this forever new skirt on sale in December and have been itching to wear it ever since, I have a few variations of looks using this skirt and I will probably post those looks on social media soon.
The lighting in these pictures is extremely rosy and I love how the outfit seems to stand out, its a great look for those of you that like to mix it up at work, while still keeping its professional.

Blouse – Top Shop (no longer available)
Skirt – Forever New
Shoes – A store in The Glen Shopping Center, I cannot recall the name





Thanks for Reading Guys 
Hearts Always 

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