What is it about boots that seem to be so daunting to us. Maybe its the fact that you never know which style will work best, so you end up buying a 100 pairs that sit in you closet while you only use one out of them all for the entire winter.

Boots are like any other pair of shoes there are different types, some which can be worn only in the winter seasons and others which can be worn all year round. So let me break it down for you into types.

The Military Boot

This boot is one that can be worn all year round, during winter wear them with tights and a skirt, or skinnys and a comfy jersey.
Casual winter looks are all about the the layers, chunky sweaters, scarves, knitted leg warmers, and what better way to round of an outfit than with a gorgeous pair of military boots. If I were you I would invest in a good pair, maybe even leather if its within your budget, mainly because these boots will give you allot of bang for you buck.

The Riding Boot – 

These classic style boots are no longer just for the family equestrian, but they are now a style staple for any closet. This type of boot is normally mid length or sometimes over the knee, plus their flat and comfy. The Riding boot is a bit on the pricey side but if you’re gonna invest in a pair, go with one that’s style is timeless and one that will last you year after year. But be sure that its the style that you like, you don’t wanna spend allot and end up regretting you’re purchase.

The High Heel Ankle Boot – 

They work well with less layers and statement pieces, like coats and gillets, you may also use them to spice up a casual outfit, maybe even use them to translate a day look to a party look.

The Over The Knee Boot –

High heeled over the knee boots have the reputation for being trashy, although if the right pair is worn in the right way, it can be incredible. Try go for solid leather or suede look, and stay away from patent ones, they date quickly and and look cheap no matter how much you spent on them. These might be a tad over your budget so do some research before you purchase, if your closet is packed with outfits that you can wear them with, then by all means invest. Remember to wear them conservatively, to much leg cleavage isn’t ideal.

The Snow Boot Or Ugg  – 

Some say their a NO NO, but come one guys we live in Jozi, how would we survive a quick trip to the shops or running errands in winter without these  comfy things.  They keep us warm and as long as they don’t look like your bedroom slippers, I think their okay.

The Wellie –  

They might be for wet weather, but they work super well for outdoor winter outfits . They’re perfect for a casual, playful look that you can use to a picnic, a day at the lake or a kids party. They’re many different colours and styles so stick to the one you gonna wear the most and the one that will match your personality.

The Cowboy Boot –

Ahh… the illusive cowboy boot,  I personally am still searching for the right pair. Maybe its my love for the Hit TV series Nashville that’s got me searching for my perfect pair, but never the less, I find the cowboy boot is a  perfect accompaniment for any type of blue jeans or flowy floral dress . If you have any other tips about the cowboy boot, don’t hesitate to let me know by leaving your comment below.

I have found that by building a collection of different types of boots,helps your style choices, as you will never be stumped to buy a pair that will work with all you outfits. I hope this post has helped.

Hearts Always <3



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