Frozen Comfort

If you’re not a winter person, like me, you would know all to well the effects of the cold on you and your body. During the colder months my social life consists of mainly hibernation in front of the tele or snuggling up with a large cup of Honey Rooibos and a good read so that I don’t have to face the outdoors.

Bad news though, we have no choice but to face the cold and what better way to do it than to embrace it. I know it’s not the best thing ever to embrace something that’s so easy to hate, but you’re in luck, I have a few tips up my sleeve. Let’s start with –



Layers during winter, can make sure that youre always nice and toasty, I mean there is nothing worse an icy wind forcing it’s way through the treads of your favourite cable knit jersey.
Solution – Woolworths thermal layers!!!
They work wonders and really do trap in your body heat. Their light weight, skin tight and totally affordable.

beanie or bowler hat, no matter what your preference is , hats are in . Add a hat to your outfit for some extra style and to keep your that thinking box warm.

Drinking warm.
Honey flavored Rooibos from five roses has got to me my favourite hot drink this winter. I’m a tea lover so I sort of live for the taste. But if you’re looking to live on the chocolate side of life be sure to make a stop at your nearest Videa Caffe for their Caffe Mocha. It’s a delectable combination of Lindt Chocolate and expresso with steamed milk. Delicious is it’s only name.

Well Faux Fur that is, a trend that’s always on trend during the winter time. Its warm and oh so Luxe that whenever you add that fur gilet or throwover to an outfit you always feel expensive.

Oversized Knits
They all over the shops, invest a neutral colour knit for everyday or a bright one to add some character to your outfit. Their easy to throw on, and add some trend to a plain look.

Okay maybe you cant wear your Onsies out the house, even though we wish we could, they are definitely the best things to keep the cold out at night. You can find some really cute and fluffy ones at Woolworths, Mr Price and Pick n Pay clothing.

I hope my handful of tips helped, I will definitely post a few more trends and tips soon.

Stay warm

Hearts Always <3

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