* This post is not in anyway meant to badger or lay blame onto anyone, it is just a true reflection of my feelings and a response to the many confused DMs and messages on social media. For as long as I can remember, my life has been an example of a perfect relationship, family, life and career. I would constantly be complimented on how great it was that I was able to stay in a committed relationship for so long and that I seem to have everything under control.

My Dove Hair Story

When I was approached by dove to share my hair story, I was quite skeptical. I never actually thought of myself as a hair influencer, the perfect candidate for this type of campaign could have been someone with healthy thick non bleached hair but yet they asked me. I slowly realized that the perfect hair influencer doesn’t exist and we all have our own insecurities about our hair and the way we wear it. My hair has always been a way for me to express myself, I’ve never worn my

As a child growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, I was into low rise jeans and bell bottoms that I thought were super cool and flattering to my body shape. Obviously as a know it all tween, I was completely opposed to my mom’s wardrobe, which consisted of 501 Levis jeans “or Mom Jeans” And cute block heels with lots of printed shirts. 15 somewhat years later, I find myself looking like a modern version of my mom, with a wardrobe that is of high resemblance to hers.

So if you follow me on social media you would know that about a week ago I was lucky enough to be wined and dined at one of Jozis best Restaurant’s by the amazing Salvatore Ferragamo Team, for their new fragrance launch. Not only was I spoilt with an amazing food and scent pairing experience, but I was also gifted with one of their new fragrances. I’m a perfume girl, I guess you could say a perfume connoisseur, just jokes, we can just say it’s my guilty pleasure. So when

Ten things that I learnt this week. Not everyone finds me likable and my personality may not be everyones cup of rooibos, but I am truly okay with that. People are shallow, Red lips and my blue hair are the perfect combo. “My succes is not predicated by my zip code ” Gary Vaynerchuk The smalls are what count. I cannot live without cake, my new diet forces me to cut it out just for a few weeks, but I feel myself dying inside #letthemeatcake Short hair is so much

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